WanderStory x On Living Art & “Aha’s!”

I think people here have loose interpretations of time…which leaves room for improvisation and creativity.  I need to start moving with the flow…perhaps this is the universe or God’s way of telling me, “just trust where I am taking you.”

WanderStory x Welcome to Barcelona

I bite into a hot Iberico Ham and Cheese croquette…Its salty, pillowy and fried deliciousness is blissful moment. This pinxtos bar is out to get me. Snack. Drink. Repeat.

This Life Was Meant to Help Others.

Aloha. Im starting to spot a trend here. I’m back in my happy place, Hawaii and specifically Maui for vacation. For those of you that have followed my blog, you know that this is a VERY special and healing place for me. This was a place where I came to heal after incredible loss and…

Human is Human. Equal is Equal. Love IS Love.

It’s a good day in the world today. LOVE is LOVE.

We preach love and kindness for others. We preach it for family, friends, sisters, brothers, parents, husbands, wives, pets, passions.
Love is boundless despite marriage, relationships or gender.Today is about equality. Today is about recognizing that all humans are created equal. Today, LOVE conquered all to help us see that we should be EQUALS because we are all equally HUMAN.

Gratefulness, Thankfulness and Appreciation for the Nomination


I am touched and thankful today.

I just found out I was nominated by a fellow blogger for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, “given to women bloggers, by other women bloggers, to showcase the unique voices across the world.”

“Kick the Shit out of Option B”

You’ve probably heard/read this statement and seen it reposted dozens of times over but I’m going to write about it anyway. Why? Because Sheryl Sandberg is showing the world why she is incredible woman. And she believes we can all be incredible women. And because once I read this post that was sent to me…

The Power of “Yet”

  The power of Yet. I’m not there “Yet”. We’re not there “Yet.” Another perspective on Failiure – instead of failing, perhaps you just haven’t gotten there “yet.” (More on this concept here). Some may say that the power of “yet” means you just delay failure’s inevitable. But what if the power of “yet” was…

#SoulfulSunday: Keep Wandering

The world feels smaller and more familiar. We start to realize and understand the magnitude of our mortality, humanity and we are able to see our commonalities regardless of continent.

We take the world into our hearts, minds and feelings. We Wander.

#SoulfulSunday: Be the Beacon of Light

The secret to the success of these family wineries revealed itself in three lessons: positivity, passion and authenticity. This sanguine disposition makes them the leading beacons in their craft.

The Greatest Gift in the World

When we’ve made them happy, their love radiates for us.

They share your burdens, whether you’ve asked them to or not.

They nurtured us in the womb and continue to nurture our souls eternally beyond distance.

They give when you haven’t asked them to give. They give even more when you do ask.

They are always forgiving. They are always protecting. They love beyond reason.

They give us one of the Greatest Gifts in the World – Unconditional love. No matter who we are or who we become. Without question.