WanderStory x Barcelona: Always Chasing Sunsets


The dome at the top of the museum before exiting towards the rooftop.

I thought to self, “what a shame that Barcelona is on the East Coast of Spain. How are they even able to witness a beautiful sunset?”

Well, I was proven wrong tonight. I had heard that sunset on the roof top of the Museu Nacional D’Art Catalonia was the place to be. With a view facing west towards Tibidabo and the hills above Barcelona, this rooftop was considered the best place to witness man made art by day and the art of mother nature at dusk.

The museum was actually a wonderful way to wind down the day perusing a diverse collection of arts across centuries. From Gothic to Renaissance to Post Modern art, I walked through centuries of oil on canvas, sculpture, textiles, furniture and the largest collection of Gaudi. For those who love art, this museum offers a diverse collection of art genres conveniently curated in a beautiful architectural building atop Mont Juic.





As humans, I think we are somehow always obsessed with views from above or from the water. As I stood atop the rooftop, I felt incredibly lucky to be able to witness sunset both ways here in Barcelona. Being one of only three people on the rooftop, I start to gasp as the sun starts to set and cast rose gold light over the city.


After closing, I scurry down to sit on the steps of the museum to continue watching the glow behind the hills. It seems many other tourists and locals know this is the spot to come to as well. Street vendors offer up cerveza or water while you sit and I immediatly plug in my earphones to drown out the noise of the city while I gaze at the periwinkled sky.

I’ve always been a sucker for sunsets and the light show that unfolds as day & darkness come together to settle the score for the day. No matter where I am in the world, I feel a deep sense of comfort knowing knowing that the sun will always follow me with its magical act of beauty to bid you adieu.

Barcelona is starting to twinkle with its city lights punctuating the darkness before me. No matter how good or bad your days are, sunsets are the constant reminder that someone loves us enough to end our days with beauty and light.

It’s time to find some dinner.

Where I Played: Museu Macional d’Art Catalunya, Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

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