#SoulfulSunday: Be the Beacon of Light



Battling the effects of jetlag but eternally grateful for the opportunity to see a new part of Italy in the past week. Despite a crammed schedule, I am grateful that I am given opportunities to explore more the world.

The one thing that emerged from the week was honesty and sincerity. We had the opportunity to meet some of the most genuine families behind wineries and balsamic producers visited in Italy. Their stories were incredibly impressive because they lived by their OWN honest expression of their craft. The secret to the success of these family wineries revealed itself in three lessons: Positivity, Passion and Authenticity. This sanguine disposition makes them the leading beacons in their craft.

We were so grateful to share in the light and warmth of their hospitality. And learn humbly from them to improve our own personal craft in life.

Photo Credit: Dusk Approaching the Villa at Brancaia Winery, Radda in Chianti, Italy 

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