The Greatest Gift in the World



Back in the states after 20+ hours of boats, planes, trains and automobiles on the way back from Venice. Can’t quite figure out which time zone I am in today but nevertheless, I am up. Sans coffee. And quite awake. Odd.

Coming home, I debated what to get my mother for Mother’s Day. There are many things I have gotten her over the years and realized that perhaps many of times, I was caught up in getting her nice possessions as a way to show her that I love her and appreciate her. On this trip, I had a million things on my mind so perhaps it was difficult to try and figure out what Italian trinket would be good to bring back. She has scarves, purses, plants etc. etc. We are taught to show love through action, gifts, thankfulness, physical touch or acts of service.

But how do you begin to give a gift that speaks to the magnitude of what a mother has given you? How do you materialize the heft of your gratefulness and love to someone who has done so much for you? The existence and unconditional love from a mother (and fathers) seems to defy all the principles of love:

They love you on your best days and lift you higher.

They love you when you don’t love yourself.

They love you when you don’t believe you deserve love.

When you feel pain, they feel it infinitely.

When you feel happiness, their happiness for you is infinite.

When you are lost, they try to anchor you without even once asking themselves how lost they must feel too.

When you’ve been away for a while, they keep the light on so you can find your way home.

When you’re here, they adore you.

When we are mad at them, they still love us. 

When we’ve angered them, they still love us.

When we’ve made them happy, their love radiates for us.

They share your burdens, whether you’ve asked them to or not.

They nurtured us in the womb and continue to nurture our souls eternally beyond distance.

They give when you haven’t asked them to give. They give even more when you do ask.

They are always forgiving. They are always protecting. They love beyond reason.

And I am reminded of the following quotes this morning:

“The heart of a mom is close to the heart of God.”

“When we love unconditionally…we create, care, nurture and endure others. We create life and we don’t run away from it.” 

All of this, is unconditional. It’s unconditional love whether you ask for it or not. No purse could ever pay off the burden of the pains she carries with you. No scarf could ever thank her enough for all the selflessness she gives to others. No flower could bloom or smell so great that would honor the beauty of the love that our mothers (and parents) give us. They give us one of the Greatest Gifts in the World – Unconditional love. No matter who we are or who we become. Without question.

There is no material gift I could give back to my mother other than reciprocating unconditional love to her and using her as an inspiration to give love to others. I will live my life to a standard to share the knowledge that my parents have taught me – learn to love unconditionally and good will come.

I hope we can share UNCONDITIONAL love to all our biological. metaphorical and figurative mothers on this day and for all days.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in my life. I love you all so dearly.


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