Human is Human. Equal is Equal. Love IS Love.

It’s a good day in the world today.
Despite my challenges, today was a day that lifted my heart.

Regardless of religion, race or creed, today is a good day for those who love LOVE.

I’ve always lived by the motto “love conquers all.”

I was walking the Highline in NYC this morning. As I was strolling, I got news that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of equality for mankind.

I shed tears.

I know this will upset people. I have a feeling that people will dissent my opinion. I sense that this may make some of my own friends uneasy.

But at the end of the day, I am put at ease by one thing.


We preach love and kindness for others. We preach it for family, friends, sisters, brothers, parents, husbands, wives, pets, passions. We believe marriage is sacred yet even the best of us can’t keep it in tact.

Yet we put so many boundaries on how and what that love and marriage should look like. And who can partake and participate. And what is considered acceptable and legal. Society sometimes dictates that one form of love is worth more or is greater than the other. Or more in some cases, more legitimate than the other.

Today is not just about marriage. Today is not just about debating who should and could get married.

Today is worth more than a piece of paper or a certificate. Straight, Gay, Transgender or Bisexual, we know that a certificate is only as valuable as the commitment that two humans make to stay devoted to each other. The marriage that is free for the world today is only worth what two individuals choose to do with their love. In my humble opinion and experience, love and marriage is not defined by gender. It is defined by choice.

Love is:

…the acceptance of self

…kindness towards one another

…compassion for another

…care for someone beyond yourself

…full acceptance of another person

…the desire to care, protect and prioritize each other’s happiness over yours

…choosing to love through thick and thin

…choosing to embrace another’s faults

…patience to tolerate, understand and respect differences

…love is knowing that you cannot imagine life without that someone else in it (for however long they are in it)

…love is always thinking fondly of them regardless of time, distance and space

Love is a choice. It is a choice that we HUMANS make to care for another. A mother’s love, a father’s love, a family’s love or a partners love is all worth the same sacrifice. Love is a choice and it is a devotion that humans make for another regardless of gender, relationship or sexual preference.

Love only exists if you choose to give it, share it and preserve it.

I also believe that today signifies a step forward towards the progression of human kindness, compassion and the progress towards recognizing humanity. Brother loves brother. Sister loves sister. Mother and fathers. Lovers and lovers. Friends with friends. Straight or gay, we are all capable of the same triumphs and evils towards one another. Thus, we are ALL CAPABLE OF THE SAME LOVE because we are HUMANS.

Love is boundless despite marriage, relationships or gender.Today is about equality. Today is about recognizing that all humans are created equal. Today, LOVE conquered all to help us see that we should be EQUALS because we are all equally HUMAN.

Love eternally, equally.

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  1. This is an amazing post and I wish everyone in the world could read it!!! Thank you for writing this because I think our society has come to the point where we lack constant reminders to tell us to love and spread equality every single day… But that reminder is this! 🙂 again, love this post :)))

    1. jchensquared says:

      Thank you #forevershannon – you help inspire kindness as well – i appreciate the kind words!

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