This Life Was Meant to Help Others.

Chasing the Sun, Halfway to Hawaii


Im starting to spot a trend here. I’m back in my happy place, Hawaii and specifically Maui for vacation. For those of you that have followed my blog, you know that this is a VERY special and healing place for me. This was a place where I came to heal after incredible loss and this was a place that really inspired me to seek new adventures and forge a new path forward for my life. Coming here feels like coming home and I feel so blessed to have made new friends here.

One of my good friends who I met here two years ago will be having an art show tomorrow. It’s been amazing to see him grow as our friendship has grown. His dream of pursuing photography more seriously has been fun to fuel over the years. I remember our first hike in Hana and his desire to make his hobby a greater part of his life. From an ocean away, we chipped away at the unfamiliar space as strangers and grew our friendship through texts. As he continued to pursue his hopes, I offered virtual encouragement, advice for growing his passion and tough talks on grit and pushing though. As I continued to rebuild post divorce, he offered words of encouragement, tough talks telling me to stay on my two feet and reminders of how I should never question my worth as a woman. He eventually started a blog for his photography and built up an instagram following. I eventually started to re-envision my new life. 

And now he’s getting ready to put his work on display at a local showing.

And now I’m healed, living a life I love and happy to be here to support him.

We often talk about how we became friends. Two random strangers on the beach overlooking a sunset. We often talk about how our friendship is one of encouragement, inspiration and hope. We come from two completely different worlds, yet we know when we need coaching, we’ve got each other’s backs with just one phone call. And often times, were often stunned how our own life stories inspire each other as friends to help lift each other up.

And as I think about our random friendship and the impact its had on my life, I think my first trip to Maui foreshadowed this new journey I’m about to take on.

I know I’ve been MIA on this blog. This blog was a place to process my feelings and hold my heartbreak. What I didn’t realize however, was that this blog would be a place for me to practice transparency. I didn’t realize that this blog would be a place where strangers would reach out, sharing their own heartbreak. I didn’t realize that this would be a place where we could feel less lonely about who we are and what has happened to us. I didn’t realize this blog would also be a part of my healing through vulnerability.

All these clues inspired me to do something with my story. I am grateful to all of you who follow, read and share. I am amazed by the power and kindness of strangers. I am also amazed by the kindness of humans and how we can find ways to come together and help. 

So,  guess this is a long way of me telling you that I’ve been MIA because my past has inspired me to take on a new adventure that goes beyond hopping on a plane.

I’m exploring a new adventure of becoming a Life Coach. 

As I weave together all the signals, events, challenges and rewards in my life thus far, they seem to point me towards this new side venture. And for the past three months on nights and weekends, I’ve been studying, pursuing and practicing to be a Life Coach.This new side venture scares me but thrills me at the same time. In a few weeks, I’ll be continuing practice and peer coaching and will soon have a certification.

I’m excited to start this new adventure and just want to say thank you to those who have encouraged me to pursue this. As I continue to discover a life I never knew, my hope is that this will be a way for me to be able to create more kindness and connection amongst strangers beyond the pages here. 

My hope for this blog won’t change though. It will just evolve into a greater world beyond just travels and pretty musings. My vision is that Joy, Love & Wanders will be a safe place for personal self-discovery & happiness whether it comes from travel, everyday musings or shifts in perspective. I’ll still post guides, travel updates and travel stories but my hope is to also share more writings that will help humankind. 

So thanks for coming along with me on this journey. I believe this Life was truly meant to help others. You’ve all inspired me to do so.

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