#SoulfulSunday: Keep Wandering


“The ideal is to feel at home anywhere, everywhere” –Geoff Dye (no clue who he is but I liked his quote!)

Soulful Sunday. 

15,214. That’s the # of miles I’ve traveled in the past two weeks. 

Eight planes. Two trains. Many automobiles. Two boats.

Three Countries. Two Continents. 10+ cities. 

NYC – Paris – Florence – Montalcino – Monteriggioni – Modena – Verona – Trento – Soave – Venice – NYC – SJ – Work – Hollywood.

Many faces. New places. New friends.

Old wounds.

New sights, new tastes, new smells & sounds.

Nostalgic memories.

New perspectives.

And despite being on the go without having a place to call home, you start to feel you belong to a community. 

The world feels smaller and more familiar. We start to realize and understand the magnitude of our mortality, humanity and we are able to see our commonalities regardless of continent.

We take the world into our hearts, minds and feelings. We Wander.


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