The Power of “Yet”

The power of Yet.

I’m not there “Yet”.

We’re not there “Yet.”

Another perspective on Failiure – instead of failing, perhaps you just haven’t gotten there “yet.” (More on this concept here).

Some may say that the power of “yet” means you just delay failure’s inevitable.

But what if the power of “yet” was the permission to allow you to keep trying until you’ve mastered what you want to achieve? 

What if Yet meant giving you the courage to try again?

When the word “Yet” is added to your ventures, you find the courage to go on. “I haven’t reached that level YET but I will soon.” The word YET allows us to reach the Growth Mindset as illustrated by Carol Dweck.

When the word “Yet” is added to an undiscovered destination, it inspires desire. “I haven’t been to Nova Scotia YET but I will get there someday.”

When the word “Yet” is applied to relationships, it gives you permission to pause  and find the right words to say. “I don’t quite understand your point YET but give me a moment to think about it.”

When the word “Yet” is added to artistic pursuits such as writing or painting, it gives the artist a moment to improve upon her masterpiece. “The written prose isn’t fully there YET but with time I’ll find the right words to express my art.”

YET allows for imperfection which is the innate and unavoidable character that is gifted upon us as humans. YET also gives us permission to continue to achieve in our own time, at our own pace and helps us make up the gap between the idea of achievement and failure. YET also allows us to embrace our imperfections in the moment so that we can rethink and realign our goals towards our personal path to greatness and achievement.

Maybe the label of failure runs the risk of prematurely diagnosing finality. Perhaps we should be persevering to find a way unlock a greater potential as we strive towards the goal. It seems too destructive to assume that failure assigns a void in our abilities.

“Yet” assumes that we haven’t caved into our inabilities, but that we’ve just got to find another way to achieve the mission and task at hand. Yet gives us permission to grow in an encouraging and persevering way. 

Before we cast decisions on whether we’ve failed or succeeded or won or lost, we should ask ourselves “have I tried everything YET?”

“Have I discovered another way YET?”

“I’m not there YET but I think I know what to do next.”

Instead of succumbing to failure, defeat and hopelessness, we should to tell ourselves that we haven’t reached the end YET and that the best growth is yet to come.

What do you have yet to achieve? I’d love to hear your dreams in action. šŸ˜€


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