WanderStory x On Living Art & “Aha’s!”

I think people here have loose interpretations of time…which leaves room for improvisation and creativity.  I need to start moving with the flow…perhaps this is the universe or God’s way of telling me, “just trust where I am taking you.”

Why We (Should) Wander

More than ever, we have a civic responsibility to do something greater as Wanderlusters.

Last year, I traveled to find my light again and break out of darkness that was overshadowing the new life journey I was meant to discover. Travel fed my soul, taught me a lot about myself and challenged me.

This year, I travel for Love.

The life you never knew.

  It’s been a week that I’ve been in Maui hanging out with a dear friend that I met over a year ago on this same island. He’s helped me overcome fears, encouraged me to be open-minded and intellectually challenges me. I usually give him credit as one of the people in my life who…


  I woke up to a cacophony of roosters this morning. The air was thick and I peered through the blinds. I could see the ocean in the distance and the sky was opening with light as the sun rose behind the mountains. Trying not to wake the house, I tiptoe outside to capture a…

“Paris is Life.”

Paris is a city that represents life and is the city that brought me back to life.

These Feet.

These feet are tired and worn at the end of the day. But they have taken me far. These feet have walked and carried me through miles of happiness to heal heartbreak. These feet have walked the sidewalks of great writers and the literati, and have climbed the steps to discover the sacred heart of…

Yes, It’s Just Me. 

“Pour Une Seulement?” “Oui. It’s just me.” “Why is such a beautiful woman coming in alone? If you want, I will walk in with you. I’d be so happy to be seen with you.” “Thanks but I’m perfectly fine entering on my own and would like to keep it that way. The thought is appreciated.”…

“Paris is always a good idea”

Note: I plan on publishing a city guide within the next couple of weeks with all the fun finds and travel tips for Paris! Stay tuned! Bonjour. I always loved that line from the movie Sabrina. I think I can officially call myself a Francophile now. I’ve always liked the idea of Paris but didn’t…


  Bonjour! I’m about to embark on day four in Paris. I’m currently sitting in my flat in Saint Germain (land of the literati) with a cup of coffee and getting ready to map out the day ahead. I’m going to head up past Montmarte today and hopefully catch a bit of quintessential Paris that…

Human is Human. Equal is Equal. Love IS Love.

It’s a good day in the world today. LOVE is LOVE.

We preach love and kindness for others. We preach it for family, friends, sisters, brothers, parents, husbands, wives, pets, passions.
Love is boundless despite marriage, relationships or gender.Today is about equality. Today is about recognizing that all humans are created equal. Today, LOVE conquered all to help us see that we should be EQUALS because we are all equally HUMAN.