WanderStory x On Living Art & “Aha’s!”

I think people here have loose interpretations of time…which leaves room for improvisation and creativity.  I need to start moving with the flow…perhaps this is the universe or God’s way of telling me, “just trust where I am taking you.”

WanderList x Hong Kong: HK 101

Hong Kong is the perfect collision of East and West, offering the most perfect escape for anyone wanting to lose themselves in a city or even escape in nature.

The life you never knew.

  It’s been a week that I’ve been in Maui hanging out with a dear friend that I met over a year ago on this same island. He’s helped me overcome fears, encouraged me to be open-minded and intellectually challenges me. I usually give him credit as one of the people in my life who…


  I woke up to a cacophony of roosters this morning. The air was thick and I peered through the blinds. I could see the ocean in the distance and the sky was opening with light as the sun rose behind the mountains. Trying not to wake the house, I tiptoe outside to capture a…

Yes, It’s Just Me. 

“Pour Une Seulement?” “Oui. It’s just me.” “Why is such a beautiful woman coming in alone? If you want, I will walk in with you. I’d be so happy to be seen with you.” “Thanks but I’m perfectly fine entering on my own and would like to keep it that way. The thought is appreciated.”…

#Thankful Thursday: Time 

I’ve left the fourth city on my travel leg this month. I love the city of Chicago during the summer. I have so many great memories of being in Chicago in the summer. There seems to be a “seize the summer” spirit of Chicago that is infectious. Everyone maximizes their moments to go out and…

The Power of “Yet”

  The power of Yet. I’m not there “Yet”. We’re not there “Yet.” Another perspective on Failiure – instead of failing, perhaps you just haven’t gotten there “yet.” (More on this concept here). Some may say that the power of “yet” means you just delay failure’s inevitable. But what if the power of “yet” was…

#SoulfulSunday: Be the Beacon of Light

The secret to the success of these family wineries revealed itself in three lessons: positivity, passion and authenticity. This sanguine disposition makes them the leading beacons in their craft.

The Greatest Gift in the World

When we’ve made them happy, their love radiates for us.

They share your burdens, whether you’ve asked them to or not.

They nurtured us in the womb and continue to nurture our souls eternally beyond distance.

They give when you haven’t asked them to give. They give even more when you do ask.

They are always forgiving. They are always protecting. They love beyond reason.

They give us one of the Greatest Gifts in the World – Unconditional love. No matter who we are or who we become. Without question.