My Father’s Daughter.

“Thanks for all that you do to raise us. We are not easy. We are not simple. We will talk back, we will rebel and we will probably say awful things to you as we grow up. We won’t always understand you and we definitely won’t always agree with you as long as we know each other. We know you are not perfect and we don’t expect you to be. But as much as you don’t think we are, we are watching you. We are paying attention to you and through some sort of odd familial osmosis, we are learning from you.

Thanks for showing us strength and resilience. Thanks for showing us our worth, even if you weren’t always sure of yours. While our mother has taught us love for others, you have taught us love for ourselves.

And as we walk through the life, we know that because you raised us, we will have the tools to wade through the challenges. But, also know that because of this resilience, we will also have the ability to create, seek out and live the joys ahead.

Happy Father’s Day.

Leaving on a jet plane…

Greetings. I’m about three hours into my flight to Europe. I’ve also had writers block for the past three weeks. I’m not sure why I had writers block, but everytime I tried to write and publish something I couldn’t get out of my head. This month has had amazing opportunities arise thus far from personal…

#Thankful Thursday: Time 

I’ve left the fourth city on my travel leg this month. I love the city of Chicago during the summer. I have so many great memories of being in Chicago in the summer. There seems to be a “seize the summer” spirit of Chicago that is infectious. Everyone maximizes their moments to go out and…

Gratefulness, Thankfulness and Appreciation for the Nomination


I am touched and thankful today.

I just found out I was nominated by a fellow blogger for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, “given to women bloggers, by other women bloggers, to showcase the unique voices across the world.”

“Kick the Shit out of Option B”

You’ve probably heard/read this statement and seen it reposted dozens of times over but I’m going to write about it anyway. Why? Because Sheryl Sandberg is showing the world why she is incredible woman. And she believes we can all be incredible women. And because once I read this post that was sent to me…

Legacy, Love & Loss of a Centenarian

We lost our Grandmother yesterday. Despite our loss, she has gained eternal peace. My grandmother blessed this world 100 years and a longevity of selfless love for others.

STAND & Face Life

Rain, shine or my own inner hurricane, I’m STANDING and FACING the world. This sounds boastful but I HAVE to verbalize and be proud of this so that I may keep moving forward. I’ve kept my shit together even if I didn’t know whether I could.


The World Needs More Love Letters. I wholeheartedly agree. Which is why I signed up to be a part of this love letter writing brigade of feel good gooey-ness. I stumbled across this site through Holstee (makers of my favorite “This is Your Life” manifesto) as I was browsing my Insta feed. I ended up ordering…

The Art in Suffering

In order to find yourself, you must lose yourself. In order to fulfill yourself, you must forget yourself. In suffering, we learn to fight and wrestle with our sins and through this battle, we learn how to manage ourselves.

In essence, suffering cultivates character.