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The World Needs More Love Letters.

I wholeheartedly agree. Which is why I signed up to be a part of this love letter writing brigade of feel good gooey-ness.

Send Some Love Postcards
Photo Credit: Holstee/More Love Letters Postcard Collaboration

I stumbled across this site through Holstee (makers of my favorite “This is Your Life” manifesto) as I was browsing my Insta feed. I ended up ordering their co-collaboration cards to decorate my office with. (I’m a sucker for anything paper let alone letterpress printed). I plan to use these in a DIY office decor project coming up soon.

After I purchased these adorable cards, I started poking around the More Love Letters website. I was intrigued. What KIND of Love was this website promoting? (I’m currently working on a side project and blog that speaks to the six different types of love).

I was so moved and touched and inspired by the mission. I was inspired by this young woman’s vision and her ability to create good despite her own struggles. Out of her struggles and out of her own desperation, she somehow found a way to funnel her pains into something more beautiful and beneficial to the world.

If there was one thing I wanted to be known for in life and wish to be known for, is the ability to spread the idea of LOVE to the world. And here she was. Doing it. Making it happen. Bringing joy to people’s lives and spreading LOVE. She’s kind of my idol (please watch her TED talk here).

I want to be a better writer. I want to be a better love letter writer. I want to learn to love better. I want everyone to know they deserve to be loved.

I became so inspired that I signed up to write letters (written and email). I wrote my first love letter (electronically – that was the rule) last night. I wrote to a couple battling an unimaginable disease while trying to create life for a future family. My heart ached for them. And while my heart doesn’t feel fully whole, I hope that the smallest ounce I can give will make a difference for them because my small ounce combined with someone else’s I hope will help more so than nothing at all.

So if you are reading this, I hope you will join Hannah’s mission to of writing more love letters.

I too believe that more than anything, the world needs more Love.


Note: This is not a paid or promoted post in any way – I just love what these guys are doing 🙂

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