Leaving on a jet plane…


I’m about three hours into my flight to Europe.

I’ve also had writers block for the past three weeks.

I’m not sure why I had writers block, but everytime I tried to write and publish something I couldn’t get out of my head. This month has had amazing opportunities arise thus far from personal enrichment to professional fun. But for some reason, I couldn’t crystallize the words and feelings in my head.

I’m in the middle of many things right now and am working on a couple of personal projects and revelations:

1. I think I have turned a corner in my journey – I’ve come to a place of acceptance and belief that things happen for a reason and that I will be better off for it (even if it wasn’t my decision or a decision that will ever be explained). I may not feel this way 24/7 but I do believe that there is room in the future for more great things. I do hope the next part of this journey is focused on forgiveness.

2. I feel so grateful and blessed for all the friends and family that surround me today. I am also so wonderfully grateful for the friends I have at work – I am constantly in awe of the good people we are surrounded by. Everyday I am surprised, delighted and comforted by people who have been wonderfully generous with their support. Happy seems to find happy so I’m focusing on adding more smiles to each day.

3. I have officially started my passion project with the Passion Co. I have a GREAT passion partner who is so wonderfully talented and compassionate. She really helped me find the confidence to start the passion project that I am working on. In fact, this passion project is so different than what I expected to do, I am tremendously inspired to try and bring this idea to life with as much confidence as I can.

4. I’ve reconnected with some old friends and met new friends that have made me feel optimistic and grateful for our friendships and our self worth. I’ve also been reminded of what it feels like to be desired and admired as a woman.

And as I head towards London, I’m starting a two week vacation and finishing up a KICK@ss week at work where we had such a productive and constructive week in Napa and LA. I must rememeber to count my blessings.

So, perhaps these are all good reasons to have writers block. Hopefully we’ll clear some of this up as I head towards Europe to discover London, France, Luxembourg and Belgium!

Excel & Wander!

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