The World Needs More Love Letters. I wholeheartedly agree. Which is why I signed up to be a part of this love letter writing brigade of feel good gooey-ness. I stumbled across this site through Holstee (makers of my favorite “This is Your Life”┬ámanifesto) as I was browsing my Insta feed. I ended up ordering…

The Giver

And with her words, she made me realize that I should be proud of my ENFJ. Be proud of my virtues and my vices.
I can’t control how or whether those around me will be happy. I can’t believe that I am the answer to anyone’s happiness. But I can give. I can offer up my heart. I can offer kindness. I can offer up my efforts.

The Innocence

One of the hardest things I had to do today. “Am I a fraud?” I don’t save the world or cure cancer… It is completely egoistic to want to feel good about what I did today. This was supposed to be an act of GIVING.