Why We (Should) Wander

More than ever, we have a civic responsibility to do something greater as Wanderlusters.

Last year, I traveled to find my light again and break out of darkness that was overshadowing the new life journey I was meant to discover. Travel fed my soul, taught me a lot about myself and challenged me.

This year, I travel for Love.

Legacy, Love & Loss of a Centenarian

We lost our Grandmother yesterday. Despite our loss, she has gained eternal peace. My grandmother blessed this world 100 years and a longevity of selfless love for others.

STAND & Face Life

Rain, shine or my own inner hurricane, I’m STANDING and FACING the world. This sounds boastful but I HAVE to verbalize and be proud of this so that I may keep moving forward. I’ve kept my shit together even if I didn’t know whether I could.


The World Needs More Love Letters. I wholeheartedly agree. Which is why I signed up to be a part of this love letter writing brigade of feel good gooey-ness. I stumbled across this site through Holstee (makers of my favorite “This is Your Life”┬ámanifesto) as I was browsing my Insta feed. I ended up ordering…