My Father’s Daughter.

“Thanks for all that you do to raise us. We are not easy. We are not simple. We will talk back, we will rebel and we will probably say awful things to you as we grow up. We won’t always understand you and we definitely won’t always agree with you as long as we know each other. We know you are not perfect and we don’t expect you to be. But as much as you don’t think we are, we are watching you. We are paying attention to you and through some sort of odd familial osmosis, we are learning from you.

Thanks for showing us strength and resilience. Thanks for showing us our worth, even if you weren’t always sure of yours. While our mother has taught us love for others, you have taught us love for ourselves.

And as we walk through the life, we know that because you raised us, we will have the tools to wade through the challenges. But, also know that because of this resilience, we will also have the ability to create, seek out and live the joys ahead.

Happy Father’s Day.

The Greatest Gift in the World

When we’ve made them happy, their love radiates for us.

They share your burdens, whether you’ve asked them to or not.

They nurtured us in the womb and continue to nurture our souls eternally beyond distance.

They give when you haven’t asked them to give. They give even more when you do ask.

They are always forgiving. They are always protecting. They love beyond reason.

They give us one of the Greatest Gifts in the World – Unconditional love. No matter who we are or who we become. Without question.