#Soulful Sunday: Love Changes Everything

Mural of The Kiss on 25th Street – NYC

“Love changes everything.”

After an exhaustive week & weekend (mentally, emotionally and physically), I’ve arrived at the next chapter in this book.

Tonight, I sought spiritual comfort. And the community that started to embrace me a few months back certainly showed the strength of their embrace again tonight. As I walked into the dark auditorium with ballads blasting aloud, I found a seat where I could be quiet with myself in the back corner of the auditorium.

I sat with my head down, took a deep breath and finally let all the tears fall from my face. Ironically, I revisted all the previous chapters this past week from all the travels. Each sight, smell and sound was reminiscent of more innocent days. And as I went through those chapters, I was greeted with fond memories that will always stay in my heart.

The past 48 hours were a mission. A task. A job to complete. And in the last hour, I knew I had to seek spirituality to help me make it to the end of the day where I could lay my head on a pillow. Tonight, I had to offer up an open wound to a larger community for understaning.

I don’t normally sing when the community sings. I usually just sit, observe, take in the sights and sounds and try to process what’s around me. I usually close my eyes to feel the bass and the drums beat and reverberate through my body.

But tonight, I had to offer up a wound. I had to offer up my vulnerabilities. And when I heard the song I was learning to sing come up, I stood.

I sang aloud. Loud enough to hear myself sing amongst the other voices, drums and percussion building around me. I sang loud enough to hear my own voice amongst the voice of others.

It felt safe to sing with the others in the community. And soon, I felt the words of the song that I was practicing ring deeper into my heart where I hadn’t understood or felt the words as powerful as they were before.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.”

After the song, I lowered my head again and asked for peace. Peace in my heart. Peace in my mind. Peace in his heart and peace in his mind. And the lesson I walked away with tonight was a powerful one: Learn to Love because Love Changes Everything.

“You want to fix things? Learn to love. Love will change everything.”

Love does change everything. It changes how you see the world, how you see others, how you embrace and approach life and how you live life. And as the evening’s activities ended, I was reminded of how love can change everything as people that I have met only once before came up to me to greet me, offer comfort, hugs and thoughts. I felt an overwhelming sense of release. This is how LOVE will change everything in the next chapter.

So tonight, I though about how Love has changed me.

It has made me feel the highs of the greatest highs.

Love has changed me.

It has made me see the best in people.

Love has changed me.

It has made me feel the depths of the lowest lows.

Love has changed me.

It has made me more aware of my shortcomings and faults.

Love has changed me.

It made me explore new parts of the world and new adventures.

Love has changed me.

It has inspired me to pursue new passions, learn new things and grow as a more cultured and learned individual.

Love has changed me.

It has helped me laugh harder than I ever have, love harder than I ever thought I could and feel searing and unimaginable pain.

Love has changed me.

It has made me realize that I still have so much to learn. And that I must learn to continue to improve, give compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

Love has made me a different woman.

And tonight, I am changed because I have loved and will still love. Without borders.

Love changes everything.

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