Wandering X Hollywood: 24 Hours


Officially leaving my eighth city in 14 days. After a week traversing NYC and Italy, I jaunted down to Hollywood yesterday taking my seventh plane ride as I canvass two continents and coasts.

LA/Hollywood/The Valley is another region with a lot of history for me. There’s always something to see and do down in LA and it is easy to be entertained here, especially on a nice day.

Alright nomads – here’s a quick guide to 24 hours in Hollywood and neighboring LA neighborhoods:


Fly into Burbank if you want to access Hollywood and want greater access to certain landmarks such as Hollywood Bowl or Runyon Canyon. Bonus: much less crowded than LAX and you can deboard planes from the front and back!


Staying in Hollywood puts you center of many things whether you want to get to Beverly or want to stay close to the miracle mile of all the museums.

W Hollywood – jaw dropping gorgeousness. The hotel is new and absolutely epitomizes Hollywood glamour, style and decor. Even if you can’t stay ($$$) head in for drinks in the Living Room.


Osteria Mozza & Mozza Pizzeria – Batali restaurants that will make you squeal with delight of you’re a Mozzarella lover like me. I’m not talking about the chewy rubbery and processed bagged mozzarella. I’m talking delicately plump mounds of Mozza that ooze with deliciousness drizzled in olive oil. Like the shit you’ll find in Italy. #legit #realdeal

Osteria Mozza is the white tablecloth restaurant that is more formal with an extensive menu of Northern style Italian delights. The winner here however is the Mozzerella Bar where you can order Mozzerella in its many glorious forms: Smoked, Burrata, Bufalo, with EVOO and bread.

Mozza pizzeria is the laid back casual dining side that offers Wood Oven fired pizzas, specialities like Squash Blossoms and offers pancetta and eggs in endless bounds. Sit at the bar and you can even watch your pizza being made.

Delphine – Located in the W Hotel, this restaurant is as delicious as it is cute. If France + Restoration Hardware had a baby, Delphine’s decor would be it. Brunch here is pretty delicious with a great brunch range from Benedicts to Ahi Poke stacks.

Farmer’s Market at Fairfax – the food stalls and fresh produce section here can’t be beat. You can find and eat anything and everything you can imagine here. We’re not talking about a mall food court here – you can order everything from Swedish pastries to flank steaks with chimmichiri here. Just walk off your gordiness at The Grove afterwards.


Mixology 101 – food here is eh. Drinks and ambience here are a YEAH. Champagne cocktails, open air rooftop access and sunshine make for a great lazy Saturday with good company. Order the Black Manhattan and prepare to have your mind and tastebuds blown. Made with both Angostura Bitters AND Amaro, you’ll graduate to a new level of Manhattan. #gamechanger


The Churchill – The drinks here were fab and the desserts are creative and captivating. Unique cocktails are offered from Mezcal & Jalapeño infused concoctions to my favorite, the Churchill Manhattan. Man-up/Woman-up to drink here because drinks are strong. A side of Warm Donuts & Moon Pie dessert also help make the whiskey go down easy. 


Ok, if you’ve never been to Hollywood before, you’ll probably want to do the usual tourist checklist of the starwalk, Hollywood/Highland etc etc. I promise you it is only entertaining for about half an hour or so until you start feeling suffocated by the crowds. I’m not advocating that you don’t see it, just don’t anchor yourself there.

LACMA – One of the many museums you’ll find on the miracle mile, this museum is a very short 15 min walk from the Farmer’s Market/The Grove. LACMA is one of those great museums with indoor and outdoor exhibits that feature art all throughout your surroundings. With the largest collection of ancient AND contemporary art LACMA is a great way to add some culture to your afternoon. Not to miss, the Urban Light fixture located at the Wilshire entrance. Famous in movies and engagements, the Urban Light installation makes for great photo opps and lighthearted exploration.

Hollywood Bowl – if you can catch a concert here you should. A beautiful natural amphitheater that is as iconic to Hollywood and Angelinos as the Empire State Building is to New Yorkers. Outdoor concerts here are breathtaking and many flock here with BYOP (bring your own picnics) to enjoy love music with food and wine. Have had many memories and wonderful times here.

If you have more than 24 hours, start the morning off with a hike at Runyon Canyon. But if only in town for two days and an evening, the spots above should help you make the most of it!


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  1. Sounds so awesome!!!

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