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For whatever reason you have found this page, I want to thank you for stopping by and stepping into my mind. Hopefully something you read here will entertain you, make you think or better yet, hopefully help you feel better about yourself. This blog is my best attempt at fulfilling my original dream of being a journalist waaaaaay back when I was passionate about writing. Somewhere life happened, dream changed and I stopped writing for purpose and pleasure. I’m making it a conscious point to write again to reawaken and rediscover who I am and share joy and knowledge with others. Occasionally you’ll also find me writing just to quiet the voice inside my head. Things you should know about me:

I Love: My family, friends, love, my dogs, coffee, wine, whiskey, travel and design. Expect these to be recurring themes in posts.

My Faults: Hopeless romantic (can’t help it), fear of failure, selfish/stubborn fighter & impractical optimism.

Current Fears: Spiders, fake cheese, karaoke, outer space and a life void of inspiration.

My Kryptonite: Sleeping puppies, European/ANZ/Southern accents & black coffee.

My Purpose: To spread joy, love  & connect fully with the world.

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I believe that you must live life by four principles: Obey, Serve, Love & Excel.

Obey – Listen to you heart, respect your parents, friends and family. Obey the laws of nature, the universe or whatever guides your moral compass. Live so that you can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you see.

Serve – Your God, spirituality and your commitments. “Do unto others as you would yourself.” Strive to spread goodness to others through your heart, mind and soul. (Well, at least try to do this 51% of the time over the course of life).

Love – Unconditionally. Without regret. Without borders. Love is the greatest thing you can give anyone or anything. So give freely. And love yourself. You cannot love anyone else without loving yourself first.

Excel – In life. With lovers, family, friends, career, intelligence, self. Push yourself and others to move onward and upward towards the greatest version of yourself and of themselves. Unbridled growth is the best thing you can do for yourself and others.

I first discovered these principles on the tag of a Yogi tea bag. These four words stuck with me and for some reason, spoke to my soul when I first discovered them five years ago. The above is my own interpretation of what I believe these words mean to me because the combination of these words spoke so much. After much research, I discover that these four principles help define the “law of devotion” and provide a formula for how to live your life with excellence for yourself and others.

Hopefully this blog will encapsulate these principles through personal triumphs or failures with candor. I hope to tell you my stories, stories of others and bring these ideas to life. If I don’t, call me out on my B.S. We are all imperfect human beings but imperfection is what makes us beautiful and what makes life interesting. Obey, Serve, Love and Excel.


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