WanderList x Québéc City: In 48 hours

Of the many great things that Canada has produced (Poutine, Outdoor Adventures, Drake) a diversity of experience is charmingly captivating in Québéc. The marriage of Old World Europe & New World French Canada allows for a surreal escape.

WanderList x Hong Kong: EATS

Hong Kong offers a variety of international & national fare that is as fun to discover as it is to enjoy. Hunger is in favor in this city…

WanderList X Montreal: 48 Hours

Bonjour. Finally got to visit a city I’ve been wanting to see for a while. This trip was a much needed respite given life’s latest challenges. There are three things you should know about Montreal: 1. Poutine is Canada’s gift to the hungry or the hungover. 2. It’s easy to feel fancy (even if you’re just ordering…

The Giver

And with her words, she made me realize that I should be proud of my ENFJ. Be proud of my virtues and my vices.
I can’t control how or whether those around me will be happy. I can’t believe that I am the answer to anyone’s happiness. But I can give. I can offer up my heart. I can offer kindness. I can offer up my efforts.


Why living out of a suitcase isn’t so bad: If there’s a silver lining to living out of a suitcase it’s the ability to learn how to make choices. In a carry on, you have 28x16x18 of cubic space. When you’re living out of a suitcase for 30 days, that means you have to make…


I believe that you must live life by four principles: Obey, Serve, Love & Excel.