WanderList x Hong Kong: EATS

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Crackled Pork & Peking Duck a plenty in HK!

Food is an absolute treat in Hong Kong and a foodie’s paradise. In addition to Night Markets (where you’re bound to find more economical yet VERY delicious food options) in the city, Hong Kong offers a variety of international & national fare that is as fun to discover as it is to enjoy. Below are some great finds that we enjoyed in Hong Kong.

TEA SERVICE (HK & London Style)

The Parlour at the Hullet House Hotel (Located in the 1881 Heritage Center) (Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon) – Offers BOTH Traditional British Style Tea Service and Hong Kong Style Tea Service. Luckily, I was with a group of lovely ladies so we ended up ordering one of each service. The teas served were amazingly aromatic and we really enjoyed the HK take on high tea with Cantonese pastries and treats. Afternoon cocktails here were great too, especially if you enjoy them on the balcony overlooking the views at this Colonial architectural gem. Take Note: Tea service doesn’t start until 3pm.

(The next two recommendations were two experiences that came highly recommend and wanted to wander to but didn’t get to go to.)

Woobar (@W Hotel)* – Modern, whimsical and upbeat Tea Service for the modern take on High Tea.

LobbyLounge (@Intercontinental)* – Traditional & Classic High Tea experience with panoramic views and orchestral music.



Tim Ho Wan (The most affordable Michelin restaurant) – There are three of them throughout HK (on the island and Kowloon). The dim sum here really truly is delicious (and ridiculously affordable – we spent $14 US dollars for six dishes for two!) Go here for good, authentic traditional Dim Sum. The BBQ Pork buns are like nothing you’ve had before in the states!

Hutong (Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon) – This IS the place to go for Brunch Dim Sum! In addition to getting the BEST views of Hong Kong Island, patrons are welcomed into an open space adorned with Shanghai retro décor at the highest top of 1 Peking Tower. Brunch Dim Sum comes with plenty of sparkling wine options and a variety of Cantonese dishes. If you come at the right time, you can even witness a live noodle pulling demonstration!

Social Place Chinese Kitchen (Hong Kong Island, Central) – Come here for re-invented Dim Sum in modern and creative ways. Food here was delicious and they offer modern twists on traditional Dim Sum. The Crab Noodles here were my favorite and the dumplings in spicy sauce. They even have buns (bao) that are made to look like Shitake mushrooms (while being stuffed with Shitakes).


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BrickLane (Multiple locations) – If you’re missing a bit of the Aussie or Brit style brekkie, BrickLane does a good rasher with eggs and black pudding. Good food and great bang for your buck when it comes to breakfast. I was so full until late lunch!

The Cupping Room (Hong Kong Island, Sheung Wan) – This is another popular spot for breakfast and MOST IMPORTANTLY Coffee! If you like cold brew coffee, try their Cold Brew with Nitro.

Tai Cheong BakeryFor the BEST Egg Tarts. Hands down. If you can, ask for them Hot or wait for them to pull out of the oven!


(Enjoying spicy crab isn’t as easy as it seems when shells are flying everywhere!)

Under Bridge Spicy Crab – This place came recommended from other friends and is pretty famous in the city. But honestly, I saw this places as a take it or leave it. They serve famous HK style crab which is crab served with a dry seasoning of garlic and spices (look it up before you go to see if it’s something you’d like to eat). It was a delicious meal and crab and seafood lovers will probably love this place. For me, this restaurant was not the game changer I was expecting. The meal was delicious, but be prepared to smell like garlic for the rest of the day!


Duddell’s  EASILY my favorite meal in Hong Kong and this gem of a restaurant is located in the old Shanghai Tang Mansion on Hong Kong island. This place offers both a more formal dining room AND an outdoor patio that is more laid back. The dining room is great for impressing your date and the patio was the perfect oasis for enjoying an evening of cocktails, laughter and the buzz of the city beyond the patio walls. We were REALLY impressed with the creative food and cocktails here as they have modern twists on classic Cantonese dishes.

The Walrus* – Really wanted to try this place (known for crab and oysters) but didn’t get a chance to!

*Places that came highly recommended but I couldn’t actually go to! Tell me how they were if you go!

There are so many great food options in Hong Kong, you’ll be more overwhelmed with options to choose from. These are just a few places I tried, if you have other recos please share them!

With Joy & Wander,


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