#SoulfulSunday: Brainfood

#Soulful Sunday Song: East Flows the River, The Souljazz Orchestra

After a month of multiple travels, it feels good to just spend a day today to be quiet with myself. I will be embarking upon another insane month of (good) travels next month so it seems appropriate to close out this month with some nourishment for the brain. Sometimes we all just need a day where we sit in a cafe with a bottomless cup of coffee, a computer and good music as creative companions.

I just finished a book that was a bit disappointing (Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Nor There). It has left me with the need to seek out other reads that are more fulfilling and enriching for the day. My brain needs more food for fodder.

So for this week’s #Soulful Sunday, here’s a RANDOM list of enriching reads for the day:

ONLINE READSBlogs, ebooks or pictures

1. Choose Happiness  by the Good Vader – I fully believe that we can choose to be happy about one little thing for one second instead of waiting for external things to make us happy. I LOVE this blog and in particular, this post. Another good post is the one on being present and clearing your mind.

2. The Angry Therapist – He’s actually not angry. He’s just smart. And this isn’t just about “therapy.” It’s about life. And the way he writes is SO AWESOME. For example, in his ebook “68” he has some good advice that women AND men should listen to. Some excerpts:

#65 Do Have A Purpose: Every [one] must ask himself two questions. One, where [are you] going? And two, who’s going with [you]? If [you] reverse the order, [you] will be going alone.

#50 Don’t Judge: When you judge, you create your own prison.

My other favs: #63 (Don’t walk away from a fight), #61 (Do Express Your Feelings) and #54 (Do LOVE hard).

3. Camille Styles – I’m girly. I like girly things. Yes I drink my coffee black and enjoy my whiskey neat and I’m not afraid to use a drill. But I still love being feminine bows, lipstick and all. I love this blog. This chick GETS me. DIY, Decor, Cocktails, Beauty Tips, Wellness, Pretty things and Intelligence. Love your hair & read a good book.

4. World of Wanderlust – This chick is badass. I don’t know if I could ever do what she is doing but I do love to travel. She has good tips, a great insta feed and good guides. She just finished a great post on Peru.

5. The Daily Frenchie – Not intellectual, just cute. I come to this site when I am procrastinating or just need a smile.

UPDATE (Sunday Afternoon):

6. This nearly made me shoot coffee out of my nose. It’s too good not to share. Just got a follow from this blog and I’m so glad I did!!!

7. I’m intrigued. Again, another follow. MUST FOLLOW BACK. This is the first story I was taken to on his blog when I clicked on it.

8. And ANOTHER good one. This time, poetry.

THOUGHTFUL QUOTES HEARD FROM THE DAYWhether they were things heard on the radio, read in a book or heard at church this morning, these words stuck with me.

“Don’t die with the music still inside of you.”

“Stupid Rubs Off.”

“Happiness is being loved for who you are.”

“When you have one foot out in the past and one in the future you piss on the present.”

Ok. Time for the third cup of coffee today.

Obey & Serve.

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