The Fear

Fear can protect you from many things but fear can also PARALYZE you from finding your own version of AMAZING. If I have one wish for myself, it is that I live less than 70% of my life in fear. Heck, I’ll even take less than 50%.

The Innocence

One of the hardest things I had to do today. “Am I a fraud?” I don’t save the world or cure cancer… It is completely egoistic to want to feel good about what I did today. This was supposed to be an act of GIVING.


Why living out of a suitcase isn’t so bad: If there’s a silver lining to living out of a suitcase it’s the ability to learn how to make choices. In a carry on, you have 28x16x18 of cubic space. When you’re living out of a suitcase for 30 days, that means you have to make…


I believe that you must live life by four principles: Obey, Serve, Love & Excel.