#SoulfulSunday: Firenze Edition

This city symbolizes the utmost expression of creativity melding with human intelligence and it is so humbling to be here and wander the streets. To marvel in how old and how noble these structures are makes you feel so human.

The Fear

Fear can protect you from many things but fear can also PARALYZE you from finding your own version of AMAZING. If I have one wish for myself, it is that I live less than 70% of my life in fear. Heck, I’ll even take less than 50%.


On the edge you could see a world full of beauty. And on the edge you could see a world full of life that you could not see from the safety of the ground.


“See the world and find the greatest love possible. Make your life count for something and do good.”


Why living out of a suitcase isn’t so bad: If there’s a silver lining to living out of a suitcase it’s the ability to learn how to make choices. In a carry on, you have 28x16x18 of cubic space. When you’re living out of a suitcase for 30 days, that means you have to make…