#SoulfulSunday: Firenze Edition



#SoulfulSunday (Florence edition)

After 10+ hours of travel, we made it to Firenze, one of the most magnificent cities of humankind. The birthplace of the renaissance and a symbol of what mankind could achieve and accomplish with great strength, grit and determination. This city symbolizes the utmost expression of creativity melding with human intelligence and it is so humbling to be here and wander the streets. To marvel in how old and how noble these structures are makes you feel so human.

After dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in Firenze, we took some time to walk around the Duomo. I forgot how beautiful and magnificent it is. Looking at it in the night makes me cry. Makes me remember. Makes me feel alive. Makes me feel love. Reminds me that there is always someone looking after us.

Photo: Duomo, Florence, Italy

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