WanderList x Hong Kong: HK 101

Hong Kong is the perfect collision of East and West, offering the most perfect escape for anyone wanting to lose themselves in a city or even escape in nature.

WanderList x Paris: Paris 101 – A Love Affair with the City of Lights

I LOVE Paris. Like, REALLY love Paris. The sight of  cobblestone, the sound of accents and the light that shimmers off the Seine in the summer just melts my heart. I loved getting lost in neighborhoods while admiring Haussmann architecture with a good soundtrack pouring through my headphones. And baguettes might as well be currency…

WanderList x Lyon: 72 Hours in Lyon, France

I’ve got the post labor day slump and even though it’s been a FULL MONTH since I’ve been back from my European travels, I still find myself daydreaming about my trip to Europe this summer and more specifically, daydreaming about France. Thus, so begins documenting the guides to these fabulous cities that I hope you…

WanderList X Montreal: 48 Hours

Bonjour. Finally got to visit a city I’ve been wanting to see for a while. This trip was a much needed respite given life’s latest challenges. There are three things you should know about Montreal: 1. Poutine is Canada’s gift to the hungry or the hungover. 2. It’s easy to feel fancy (even if you’re just ordering…

Wandering X Hollywood: 24 Hours

There’s always something to see and do down in LA and it is easy to be entertained here, especially on a nice day. Here’s a quick guide to 24 hours in Hollywood and neighboring LA neighborhoods:

Wandering X NYC: 24 Hours

A 24 hour primer before Europe. If you have the opportunity to stop over for 24 hours before heading out on an international destination, you should.