#SoulfulSunday: Love a furry friend


She greets me with unbridled joy every time she sees me. 

She treats every moment we meet as if it were the first time we met with unlimited kisses, cuddles, excitement and energy.

She’s there when I’m happy or when I’m sad. She’s loyal to me even if I’ve been away for a while. She makes the toughest frown turn into  a smile.

She’s my furbaby, best friend and dog. She blessed my life with her presence a year and a half ago and I am thankful to her dad who brought her home into our lives. 

Hug your furry friend or adopt one if you are able. Loving a dog teaches us compassion and  a dog’s love nurtures our soul. 

Photo: my furbaby, Beedo the French Bulldog (Instagram: beedothefrenchie)

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