#WednesdayWisdom: ? = Better Brain

Photo Borrowed from great Travel Blog: http://www.girlswithpens.com Snark added by me 🙂

Did you know that when you step outside of your comfort zone, the neurons in your brain can form stronger connections? (Read more about that here).

What a great way to start telling yourself to overcome your fears. Or also a great way to explain why you should  take a two week vacation to go to get outside your comfort zone.

“Yes, I’d like to bungee jump with the vanuatuans in Vanuatu because I’m trying to grow my brain.”

When positioned that way, how can anyone argue against you wanting to grow your brain?

In my convoluted world of math, I would simplify this equation to:

Vacation -> Travel -> Adventure (outside comfort zone) -> Experience -> Discovery -> Better Brain.

Or if we were to reach the ultimate derivative:


See how that works? It all make sense right?  How could you argue against it?


Ok. I know, it’s a bit far reaching and extreme and perhaps, not the best time right now for me to take off for another thrilling travel adventure. So how else can I get out of my comfort zone to grow my brain?

1. Do an everyday something I don’t like

2. Do more everyday somethings I don’t like

3. Do more everyday somethings, I don’t like, more often

So far, the one thing that has me checking items 1-3 off my list is singing lessons. I really don’t like them. I don’t even like practicing. I fidget with my fingers, my hair and start getting antsy. My heart races and I can’t breathe. I get SOOOOOO uncomfortable and start making odd squealing noises asking my instructor to stop making me sing “Row Your Boat.”

Me: “EEeeegh. Can we just stop?”

Instructor: “That’s ok – we get more confidence as we sing more. Get them out!”

Me: “Row, row, row…..AAAGH! I can’t do this!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’m beyond uncomfortable at this point. In fact, I believe at minute :10 into the lesson, I did a really weird shake/dance/jumping up and down/get the wiggles out sort of move that had me bouncing around the studio. My instructor gives me no choice and makes me sing it again, and again, and AGAIN x 10.


By the end of the lesson, I am EXHAUSTED. Perhaps bungee jumping would be less exhausting. But at the end of the day, all that matters is that I grow my brain, right?

It’s sort of a new way to look at the Growth Mindset.

NOTE: Want to learn more about the original bungee jumpers? Great post about the origins of bungee jumping here.

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